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We Aspire to Foster Optimal Learning Experience to Students

Jiva Public School aspires to stand as the premier educational platform for the students with its excellent teaching practices along with the powerful holistic living practices like Swadhyay, Dincharya Ke Niyam,and Self, Others, & Environment. We aim to shape better citizens of tomorrow, who contribute to society. The self introspection activities help the students work towards their right skill set and esteem basic values like team work, cooperation, empathy, etc. to provide back to the society.

Our Ratings

Appreciated For:

  • Comprehensive and Cumulative Curriculum
  • Holistic Learning Approach
  • Cutting-edge Technology at ATL
  • Self-reflecting Character Building Practices
  • Well-developed Infrastructure
  • Globally Recognised ICSE Board

Resonance of Triumph: Alumni Testimonials

  • Bhavya Bansal
    Batch 2021-22

    With all the nurturing and guidance from the teachers of Jiva, I am proudly fulfilling my dream of studying from IIT Dharwad. I've had a nice time at Jiva, learning and exploring new things. The academic foundation I made here, is of great help to me in my present life. The people I meet here and memories made here are still important to me. With what I have learnt here, I can say I'm fearless and confident to achieve many great things in my life

  • Sneha Manwani
    Batch 2022-23

    JIVA PUBLIC SCHOOL has always been a home more than a school to me as I've studied in this school for around 14 years.

    The teachers have always been a helping hand to all the students. From being like a mother/father to being like a friend, the teachers had helped us very much in every situation. The extra-curricular activities of the school really help children to enhance their skills. It has also helped me to figure out and work upon my skills.

    What I'm today is because of this school. It has taught me to be confident enough, strong enough to face every situation of my life.

  • Vishal Verma
    Batch 2019-20

    Having attended 8 different schools in five different cities, my experience at Jiva was unlike any other. The school's emphasis on values and morals has had a profound impact in my life and continues to influence my actions to this day. The friends I made at Jiva and the teachers I had were instrumental in shaping my character and building a strong foundation for my future. I will always be grateful for my time at Jiva.

  • Karan Chopra
    Batch 2016-17

    I have been a part of the Jiva school right from my 1st grade till my 12th grade. The 12 years that I have spent at JIVA has been no less than a blessing for me. I owe all the knowledge and capabilities to JIVA which has not only nourished me, guided me but has always encouraged me to become the best version of myself. I would forever be grateful to all the activities, extra-curricular classes, creative assignments and best of all the character-building initiatives that have been taken up by the school.

  • Reva Sharma
    Batch 2022-23

    After spending 9 fruitful years at Jiva, I feel so proud to be a part of the Jiva family. My teachers were patient and made me learn all those important life skills that will help me throughout my life. Thank you for making us explore our own new selves, for making our work more perfect, so we can do better and better. Thank you for creating a safe space, where we can feel free to communicate and we can feel supported. Thank you Jiva.

  • Geetika Papreja

    I have had the best 13 years of my schooling life at Jiva. The school focused on each and every aspect of life; starting from our body type to our career paths. I love how I still follow things learnt at school. DKN, SOE, Portfolio writing, and self analysis are some things we all need as grown ups today and I am glad that I learnt it all at my school. You shine bright if you are shown the right path at the foundation years and hence we are all shining stars today.

  • Akhila Sathees
    Batch 2019-20

    I was a shy, unsure young person whose dreams were still vague and hazy. But inside those walls, I discovered a supportive environment where my spirit soared and my potential blossomed. My teachers, the sources of wisdom and direction, guided me down the path of self-discovery with unwavering faith.

    Jiva Public School was not merely an institute of learning; it was a catalyst for change. It gave me the confidence to pursue my goals, the fortitude to face challenges, and the discernment to deal with the complexities of life.

  • Medhavi Upadhyay
    Batch 2022-23

    JIVA PUBLIC SCHOOL is like a family that provided me education and other necessary skills.

    I’ve studied in this school for 9 years. The teachers have always supported me and helped me in every situation. And there are also a number of extra-curricular activities that we have participated in. Activities at my school really helped me to enhance my skills and helped me face every situation of my life.

    I am and always be very much thankful to my school and my wonderful teachers who helped me in every stage..

  • Aayushi Gupta
    Batch 2020-21

    Jiva Public School is not just a school, it's an emotion to me.

    A decade flew by, filled with lessons, laughter, and personal growth, all thanks to the amazing teachers who showered me with love and support.

    Whatever good qualities I possess, I owe it all to my school. What I love most about Jiva is that it goes beyond academics, encouraging creativity and a vibrant array of extracurricular activities.

  • Riya Vashishth
    Batch 2020-21

    My journey in school was transformative, filled with self-discovery, unforgettable experiences, and enduring friendships. In addition to the innovative methods of academics, Jiva focused on our holistic development and imparting life skills through its three pillars- SOE, DKN and Swadhyay. I understand their importance now, in the competitive world of law and self-growth. From playing Archery at the national level, ZIR in the Rotary club, to participating in numerous extra-curricular activities, the faculty and administration has been beyond supportive in my journey. I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunities Jiva has given me.

Wanting the best for your child?

Proud Parents: Let’s Hear their Stories

Mrs. Amritpal Kaur
Parent of Dilraj Singh Randhawa | UKG Peacock

The atmosphere and learning environment is optimal for all young children at Jiva Public School. My son’s becoming more social and educated each day. He loves his friends and all the fun learning activities. We are very thankful to have discovered Jiva Public School and its incredible staff. We highly recommend this school to everyone.

Mrs. Pooja Rawat
Parent of Inika Rawat | LKG Goldfish

Jiva is not a school but more like a GURUKUL which focuses on overall growth of students by encouraging cultural values.
We like the activity based fun learning and well-designed worksheets. Dincharya ke Niyam and Bhog Mantra are one of our favourite activities which students follow.
My daughter has become more imaginative and her confidence has significantly improved.

Mrs. Rolli Premlani
Parent of Yashvi Premlani | Nursery Rose

I feel the education system provided in Jiva Public School is very different from that in other schools, it's not just related to bookish knowledge but it also ensures students learn moral values, cultural values and discipline.
I thank Shreya ma’am of Nursery for making my daughter a good human being and always being caring and loving to her. I am blessed to have you as my daughter's first teacher.

Mr. Sanjay
Parent of Omansh Dhawan | UKG

We are very happy that our child is in the hands of such an Diksha Kapoor professional team. We would like to thank the Principal, academic coordinator and teachers for being excellent educators, which has resulted in the all round development in personality, language and reasoning of my child. We would also like to appreciate the school for keeping Indian rituals and values alive.

Mrs. Ankita Tripathi
Parent of Adishri Tripathi | I C

I am happy that I chose 'Jiva Public School' for my kids. Using various activities like journal writing and meditation, JPS helps my children improve their discipline, concentration, and conduct. Reflecting internally with Swadhyay, they learnt to analyze their actions and eventually become self-aware individuals.
Thus, I thank Jiva for providing such a holistic learning environment that nurtures each child's potential and develops their character.

Mrs. Sonia sharma
Parent of Nitya | I B

The best part of Jiva Public School is the overall development with all aspects of studies, games, brain and cultural development through various theoretical and practical techniques which played an important role in enhancing the skills of our daughter. The staff is very courteous, helpful and we remain worry free towards the safety and well being of our daughter.

Mrs. Bhawna Matela
Parent of Aastha | XII B

My experience with this school has been nothing short of amazing. This school goes beyond textbooks; it's a haven for character-building. The school's forward-thinking philosophy has provided our child with a learning environment that goes beyond conventional methods. Switching our child from an HBSE to an ISC board worried us, but the school's faculty did wonders. They made the transition easy for our child, who adapted swiftly to the new learning style. A big thanks to Jiva and its wonderful faculty.

Mrs. Payal Datta
Parent of Vanshika | XII B

Choosing Jiva for my child is one of the best decisions of my life. From nursery to 12th class, it had been an ethical journey. This school not only imparts a good education but also moral values. I have never had to worry since the beginning because of the supportive teachers. Several extracurricular activities held in school significantly contribute to student growth and development. In these 15 years, there has been no issue relating to safety. I am satisfied and proud to have admitted my child to this school.

Mrs. Rekha Raheja
Parent of Purva Raheja | XII B

I got my daughter, Purva Raheja, enrolled in Jiva in 2016, and I can proudly say that it has been the best decision for shaping the future of my child. I am delighted to express my sincere gratitude for the outstanding quality of education, enriching curriculum, and diverse extracurricular activities provided at Jiva Public School. My child has shown remarkable improvements and achievements under the dedicated guidance of Jiva's faculty. Jiva has truly created a nurturing environment that fosters growth and excellence.

Mr. Parmod Kumar
Parent of Yashvi Singh | X B

Earlier, our daughter was shy and an introvert. But the very next year, after taking admission in Jiva, she started taking initiative and being active in class room activities as well, as performing on the stage as she was being motivated and guided by her teachers. She got first prize for reciting sanskrit shlokas, singing, and acting, and now one more feather is added to her cap when she got first prize for commerce fest. She is good in academics as well and knows better the value of time, self-study, and Swadhyay. Now she is more confident, bold, active, and social. Thanks to Jiva

Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal
Parent of Aaditya Aggarwal | IX B

I appreciate the transformative impact Jiva Public School has had on Aaditya's educational journey in 9th grade. Witnessing Aaditya's remarkable growth and achievements has been immensely gratifying. The consistent support and transparent communication from the faculty have reinforced our confidence in the school. Jiva Public School prioritises safety, well-being, and overall satisfaction, making it an excellent choice for parents seeking holistic development.

Mr. Sudhir Yadav
Parent of Isha Yadav | XII A

As parents, we would like to take this prospect to thank the teachers, management and staff for their continuous care, support, collaboration, and most importantly patience. Jiva philosophies have been integral pillars for the growth and maintenance of moral values and keeping the child in connection with culture and tradition along with education.

Mrs. Madhu Kalra
Parent of Samiksha Kalra | XIIA

We are highly grateful to the school and teachers for being the charming gardeners of our dear Cherry Blossom. During the entire journey of our child with the school, she has received a tremendous amount of support from the school to groom her personality in terms of communication skills, cooperation, and appreciating others. Exposure to so many activities and tasks led our child to have some more blue ribbons and gain experience. We are looking forward to the school continuing to chase rainbows.