Key Projects & Milestones

India’s Curriculum of Tomorrow (ICOT) Project, 1996

Initiating a holistic educational framework with ICOT, Jiva pioneered the concept and became the first school to implement its own constructive educational curriculum.

Key Outcomes

  • Establishing new standards of education with a learning-centric model
  • Enhancing important life-skills and values to shape the future of students
  • Transforming the learning environment through innovative methodologies

SEED Project, 2000

Connecting students to the science world and schools to the internet universe, Jiva successfully accomplished the Learning Support System project that SEED actively promotes.

Key Outcomes

  • Providing pertinent tools to store and access millions of learning objects
  • Exchanging and showcasing individual learning experiences and achievements online
  • Enabling teachers and students with software developed for creative expressions

WAVE (World Association for Value Education), 2001

Jiva promoted the fundamentals of WAVE, a Teacher Training workshop that aims to strengthen the education system by including culture and value in the learning process.

Key Outcomes

  • Enabling teachers to identify, groom and develop underlying talents of students
  • Following and teaching students to pursue a disciplined lifestyle for psycho-physical balance
  • Enhancing their positive approach towards imparting value-based education to students

Jiva’s Earth One Project, 2001

Aimed at promoting Environmental Awareness, Information, and Action among the students of India, Jiva’s Earth One Project integrates environment-related activities and resources into the curriculum.

Key Outcomes

  • Creating an Environment Resource Centre
  • Providing content, training, and other online resources for students
  • Facilitating collaborative projects with other environmental organisations

Giangukai Projects: Our School, Our Future, 2003-2005

Amidst esteemed primary schools of Italy, the U.K, Brazil, Uganda, and Senegal, Jiva represented India and worked as a project coordinator on the GIANGUKAI project in an effort to connect schools globally.

Key Outcomes

  • Connecting schools across Cultural, Geographical, and Language divides
  • Using provision of global resources in an optimal manner
  • Linking schools in Europe (the North) with schools in Africa, Asia and Latin America (the South)

Project Mijwan, 2003

Following in the footsteps of famous Indian writer and reformist Kaifi Azmi, Jiva aimed to uplift Mijwan, a remote village in Uttar Pradesh, and provide economic stability for quality education.

Key Outcomes

  • Encouraging local villagers and their families towards education
  • Creating relevant courses for the local needs
  • Working closely with American India Foundation to empower the people
Modesty yields service, service to the Guru yields knowledge, knowledge yields detachment, and detachment yields salvation

Jiva School Timeline

In 1994

  • Jiva Public School was established
  • JPS collaborated with Apple India for the Apple Gurukul Project - a seminar on the Education System

In 2001

  • JPS headed the Earth One Project in collaboration with the Embassy of the United States and aimed to link the school to the environment

In 2005

  • GIANGUKAI Project: JPS acted as the Project Coordinator and represented India among the primary schools of Italy, the U.K., Brazil, Uganda, Senegal, and India

In 2008 - 09

  • Jiva introduced the internationally acclaimed Multiple Nature Programme

In 2014

  • Jiva became an educational partner with Tata Edge

In 2017

  • Awarded the “Shiksha Rattan Award” by Global Achievers Foundation
  • Awarded by the All India Kshatriya Federation for services in the field of education
  • Best ICSE School Award by AVP Media Group
  • Award for STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) by BrainFeed School Excellence Awards
  • Winner of the 5th Inter-School Road Safety Quiz Competition at the State Level

In 2020

  • School Excellence Award by Brainfeed
  • 5th GESS 2020 Leadership Award for Excellence in STEM Education.
  • Commendable Contribution in Changing the Education System Award by International Education Symposium and Awards 2020.