Life at Jiva School

The culture practised at Jiva Public School is a reflection of its core beliefs and starts with the connections it builds with the three key stakeholders - students, parents, and teachers. By practising mutual trust, respect, and openness, we shape every aspect of our school’s functioning while prioritising the emotional and spiritual safety of the students in our care.

Culture of Jiva Public School

Rooted in Indian Values

The foundation of Jiva Public School is embedded in the tenets of Indian traditions. The school draws inspiration from India’s rich culture & heritage and strives towards equipping students with the knowledge, values and principles of ancient Indian wisdom.

Giving Back to the Society

We ensure that Jiva students develop a great sense of responsibility towards the society they live in and learn to give back. Through India in Action, they contribute actively to the well-being of society and the environment.

Open Culture

Jiva Public School functions with a strong sense of community and belongingness. Students and teachers share a family-like bond, enabling the students to learn and grow in an approachable atmosphere.

6 Pillars of Jiva - Core Values

  • Discipline and Punctuality

    Discipline and Punctuality

    Imbibing the virtues of discipline and punctuality from an early age helps our students set the right tone for their future.

  • Discipline and Punctuality

    Learning & Consistent Progress

    Learning is a lifelong process and it is not restricted to the years our students spend with us. We encourage them to carry that spirit into the real world and keep their enquiring minds alive.

  • Discipline and Punctuality


    Deep-rooted in Indian values, integrity and accountability are hallmarks of our school’s culture and everyday life of our students.

  • Discipline and Punctuality

    A Culture of Excellence

    Excellence isn’t defined by the grades a student receives. At Jiva Public School, we encourage students to keep pushing the envelope and constantly strive for personal excellence.

  • Discipline and Punctuality

    Compassion & Empathy

    The mark of a real human being is the warmth he carries in his heart for his fellow-inhabitants. At Jiva Public School, our students learn to give back to the society through various community service programmes

  • Discipline and Punctuality

    Holistic Development

    Jiva Public School believes that true development is balanced and all round. For this reason, teachers as well as parents actively contribute to the overall development of the students.