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Our Education Model

Empowering hearts and minds, we focus on personalised growth for your child. Going beyond academics, we embrace virtues. Join our community, here character is crafted, and leadership is fostered for lifelong success.

Personalised Education

Explore your child's individuality through our Multiple Nature Framework, shaping an educational experience as unique as they are!

Skill Excellence

Beyond textbooks, we chart individual learning paths, ensuring your child gains practical skills for a successful, tailored future.

Character Building

We sculpt young minds through practices like Swadhyay, encouraging self-reflection to uncover strengths and embrace vulnerabilities on their individual paths.

Holistic Well-Being

Incorporating timeless wisdom, we guide students to lead a healthy life, aligning mind, body, and soul for profound holistic well-being.

About Us

Why Jiva is the Ideal School for Your Child?

Jiva Public School draws inspiration from India’s cultural richness, blending ancient wisdom with contemporary education. Our pedagogy celebrates each child’s uniqueness, guiding them to identify strengths and conquer weaknesses. In our holistic environment, students evolve into discerning individuals and harmonious community members. Equipped with skills for a well-balanced life, they navigate success in their chosen careers with happiness and vitality.


Our Vision & Mission


Create engaging learning experiences, nurturing socially adept children equipped with essential life skills and enduring values.


Cultivate the potential within each child, directing them toward holistic happiness encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


What Our Parents Say About Us


What Our Parents Say About Us