At Jiva, we guide students towards a holistic learning experience, ensuring that their theoretical learning is in line with the practical demands of day-to-day life.

Our Approach

Research has shown that excellent academic skills can be acquired with the help of care, discipline, and a better understanding of oneself. Thus, we help students on their journey towards holistic excellence while making academic and skills development an integral part of our curriculum.

Our Faculty

Instead of redundant teaching methods, our highly trained and qualified teachers help our children explore their individual journeys towards academic excellence.

  • World-Class Faculty
  • 25:1 Student-Teacher Ratio
  • Experienced and Friendly Guidance


  • We implement a hands-on approach to education from an early age to promote the practice of learning-by-doing.
  • With manipulative learning, we engage and teach our students with objects of interests.
  • We also encourage role-plays and dramas for children to assimilate information while having fun.


  • Our interdisciplinary approach towards teaching nurtures decision making, problem-solving, and creative thinking.
  • We tend to the needs of each student objectively with the HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) monthly assessment.
  • With culminating activities and projects, students learn the practical application of what they are learning.


  • We prioritise our personalised learning model to facilitate a student’s academic, social, and personal development.
  • With the MN framework, we help students understand their capabilities and then choose the best career option.
  • We prepare students for the everyday challenges of practical life by nourishing their real-life skills.

Affiliated To ICSE



Our curriculum is guided by extensive research, planning, and the optimal utilisation of resources. Our approach towards education strongly incorporates the WHYs, the WHATs and the HOWs of learning.

  • We have extensive lesson plans with detailed improvement analysis and objectives for each class, all in accordance with Bloom's Taxonomy.
  • We encourage young learners to implement the 5E model - Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, and Evaluate.
  • We carefully monitor and analyse the approaches taken by students to gather valuable insights into their strongest suites.
  • We seamlessly integrate technology into our curriculum and have created state-of-the-art IT labs for this purpose.



  • Continuous classroom assessments to inform students and teachers of the learning progress.
  • Group activities among students to conceptualise the concepts learned during class.
  • In addition to paper-pen based assessments, quizzes, conversations, group discussions, practicals, and assignments are also included.
  • Periodic evaluations to make sure that children are always focussed.
  • Instant feedback and correction to help students retain theoretical knowledge.


  • Regular exams (annually and monthly) to monitor the academic progress of students.
  • Comparison analysis between outlines and outcomes to understand the growth of students.
  • Integrated with Formative assessment allows students to work intensively with the course material.
  • Gives a glimpse of stressful evaluation, thus preparing students for real-world problems.
  • Detailed evaluation helps children analyse their long-term goals.