Jiva Philosophies:
Teachings of a lifetime!

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow

We, at Jiva Public School, believe that growth triggers from within and cannot be enforced. In our unwavering commitment to shape better citizens of tomorrow, our unique framework to teach and nurture the true nature of the students, i.e., Swabhaav - empowers them with a successful and lifelong ability to grow and face challenges in future.

Quality education and holistic learning for leaders of tomorrow

Cultivating an Enduring Growth Mindset

Jiva School, not only aims to educate the students, but prepare them for their life with their lifelong ways. The enduring growth mindset is a combination of four competencies or strengths, that help students for their whole life to overcome challenges and stay humble in their successful journey.

Self Awareness

The competency allows children to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and become familiar with their abilities.

Self Mastery

The competency allows children to practice self mastery and take charge of their journey in improving their skills.

Social Empathy and Intelligence

The competency allows children to be highly effective in a group or team, and work through practical knowledge in today’s world.

Decision Making and Ownership

The competency allows children to make effective decisions and hone their abilities to become goal oriented in their life.

Jiva’s Philosophical Tools and Frameworks

Being a premier education institution, Jiva follows certain tools and framework to stay consistent in building the best of the future generation over the last 30 years. With a robust foundation of innovative educational tools and modern teaching methods, each framework focuses on the wellbeing and the holistic growth of the child to empower them with capabilities and skills.

Other Education Models

Character Building


Emphasising the importance of an individual’s personality development along with academic excellence.

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Personal Education Icon


Understanding the potential of individuals and guiding them on their journey.

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Personalized education


Guiding students towards mental, physical, and emotional well-being by incorporating ancient Indian values.

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Personalized education


Equipping students with useful life skills and the practical aspects of academic learning.

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