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Career Counselling Programme at Jiva

Career Counselling Programme at Jiva

A career counselling programme was conducted for the outgoing students. It was presided by the Director Shri Rajul Pratap Singh, who runs an institute and is popularly known as Career Pundit. It was co-hosted by Ms. Bharti Sethi who apprised better future career options in different streams. There are nearly 2700 schools working under this institute. It apprises the students about the right and remunerative career options related to almost all stream in Education.

Shri Rajul had briefed the students in detail about the successful career options in science, Commerce, Humanities and Arts stream. It is necessary to choose any such stream where a student could excel. In today’s scenario, the sources of various careers have changed drastically due to advanced technology. The minute details of each stream and the jobs related to it were explained by Shri Rajul, besides that, he stated there might be such job options which may not be popular at present but holds a vast scope in future and would work according to the environment. He brought home the significance of each subject and the jobs it offered, which the students need to weigh and reason according to their capabilities. He extolled to be aware of the indepths and inputs of the chosen stream and be benefitted with its technical aspect and knowledge. The students should also keep themselves abreast with new aspects and advancements for their benefit.

The students had queries regarding their stream and career which were satisfactorily answered by Shri Rajul. An inquisitive query about modeling career options was also promptly and skillfully replied.

The occasion was graced by the Principal Ms. Devina Nigam. The programme was conducted under the supervision of school counselor Ms. Suzane D’Souza.

Workshop for Pre-Primary Schools on MI and MN at Jiva

Workshop for Pre-Primary Schools on MI and MN at Jiva

Sub-Junior Coordinator conducting the workshop

Jiva Public School had conducted a workshop for Pre-Primary schools on the usage and implementation of MI and MN in schools. It was participated by many play-school faculty members. The objective of this workshop was to know and acknowledge the potential and passion of pupils and to give them direction for future, accordingly. Since every child is unique, there remain many skills & talents concealed in his persona, which is known as Multiple Intelligence, similarly each individual possesses Multiple Natures that grant him strength and confidence.

At Jiva, the MI and MN of every pupil is tested and guided and directed accordingly to prepare for future. On knowing their MI and MN the students also pursue it. In respect to this, the workshop apprised the participating faculty to implement MI and MN in their respective schools and acknowledge the MI and MN of the student to groom him for future. The participating schools were – Little Pioneer School Sainik Colony, Shemrock Shining Stars NH 5, Cambridge Montessori NIT 1, Bachpan Play School NIT 1 and I Kids Play School. The workshop was liked by the participating school. The coordinator Mrs. Sneh Goswami had briefed via PPT the principles of MI and MN.

Faculty Brush-up with Life Skills at Jiva

The school had facilitated a workshop cum training session for the staff, on 18 January 2019. It was conducted by Ms. Mamta Sharma from Delhi, who is a renowned Life Coach Trainer, orator and involved in writing skills. Ms. Sharma apprised the faculty about Life Skills and means and methodology to live and remain happy. According to Ms. Sharma being happy is an art. The workshop was organized by the school counselor Ms. Susan D’Souza.

During the training session, it was explained how to overcome the difficulties and crises in life that are inevitable. These harsh realities in life, create panic and one needs to control feelings and thoughts to maintain calm and tranquility. Life skill teaches not to worry or be anxious but to brave challenges and overcome them. Most of the time, crises occurs due to our thoughts that create a dilemma between positive and negative thoughts. Our thoughts need to be positive which demonstrate various thought control techniques to be free and released of every tension in life. She also conducted a few activities wherein the staff participated and tried to find solutions to everyday problems.

Faculty Workshop to Update with Technology

The best use of winter vacation at Jiva happened to be a workshop entitled ‘Tech Integrated Class Room Technology’ organized for the faculty members to brush themselves with the latest technology and utilize it in various aspects of academics and to share with the students. The first workshop of its kind was conducted by Dell Aarambh – Tata Class Edge at Jiva Public School. It was the first workshop in Delhi NCR region. All the teacher participants were given a participation Certificate. For maximum and excellent use of Tata Edge Class, the school teachers Ms. Renu Wadhwa, Ms. Meenu Sharma and Ms. Parminder were conferred with certificates. The IT sector school coordinator Ms. Priya Trivedi was given a certificate for her wonderful job in the Department.

The high standard of education in this era requires updates with latest technology, because the young learners are very inquisitive and eager. Hence it is necessary that teachers are adept in techno-skills to satisfy the young minds and quell their apprehensions. This technical knowledge adds to make their subjects easy and interesting. Today’s workshop highlighted the useful utility of Whats app, Facebook, Instagram, Blog and Web Designer and to work smartly for a cut above in their knowledge.

Workshop Conducted by Neerja Chauhan at Jiva

Workshop Conducted by Neerja Chauhan at Jiva

Ms. Neerja Chauhan Training  and Development Head conducting the workshop

A very informative workshop was conducted by Ms. Neerja Chauhan, the Head Training and Development in school, on 26 November. The purpose of the workshop was to self-evaluate one’s status and use the unconventional innovative techniques in the most effective way in teaching and learning. The workshop was attended by the Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam coordinators and the teaching staff. The subject of the workshop was to apprise the true meaning of Coaching Conversation as a Manager. According to Ms. Neerja, coaching is a tool that empowers people to search amicable solutions to problems. Ms. Chauhan stated that coaching, in current usage leads and inspires to overcome challenges and adapt the changes that occur concurrently. It helps in, fulfilling the targets with proper planing.

Ms. Chauhan extolled that change is constant, hence the need of the hour is to initiate learning and keep oneself update. The teachers and leaders ought to allow the problem seekers to search a solution by themselves, by creating a situation and questioning to assist for easy solution. This self-solving attitude is coaching which inspires to overcome gremlin. In this way, we can assist our institutions and students to perfection and performance.

The workshop was graced and motivated by the Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam and Coordinators.

Innovative Workshop by the Principal

Innovative Workshop by the Principal – Jiva Public School

    The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, Jiva Public School, with her team had conducted an innovative workshop at B.S. Anangpuria Institute of Education,Village Alampur, Sohna Road, Faridabad. A total of 80 students from B.Ed. and D.Ed courses and the staff members had attended the workshop.

    The workshop conducted was on Cooperative Structures to meet the required standards beyond learning and face new challenges with a new approach.

    Many activities like Team Building Activity, Each one Write one, Team Brain Storming and Fan-n-Pick were conducted for the clarification of concepts.

    The students also benefited by learning many life skills during the session such as self-awareness, decision making, cooperation, interpersonal and social skills, creative and critical thinking. The vital role of teachers in nation building was the most endeared and participated discussion with the trainees.

    The workshop was appreciated unrestrictedly by the Principal BSAIE Dr. Arti Kachroo. She desired more such creative sessions for the trainees.

Workshop for Creativity in Classroom and Beyond

        Workshop for Creativity in Classroom and Beyond

The school had organized a workshop for career guidance for students of class XI and XII to create an awareness and assist then for a bright and successful career beginning.

The resource person was from BML Munjal University, Ms. Roopa Vasudeva, who had been guiding students for the past 15 years in India and abroad. The workshop was entitled ‘The Joy of Innovation’. The simple technique briefed during the workshop will help pupils to be thoughtful and creative as well as opt for a positive outlook which is the utmost need of the hour.

The simple tools for innovation would train the mind and help to evaluate solution. This will make each student pro-active, with strong ethics to work and help their remain focused.

Ms. Roopa appreciated and felt impressed with the schools discipline and considered it to be the best school visited.

The workshop was appreciated by the Managing Director Rishipal Chauhan and the Principal Mrs. Chanderlata Chauhan. Mr. Chauhan said that creativity and positive outlook in life leads to success and peace.


Seminar and Workshop on Multiple Nature

                 Seminar and Workshops on Multiple Nature                                                         By Jiva

Jiva Public School is a Multiple Nature empowered school and follows this methodology in school right from the junior classes to facilitate the students to learn difficult subject with ease. This assists the students to pursue the subject with interest. Inspired by Multiple Nature methodology, many schools desire to follow it, therefore Jiva organized a seminar on MN at many schools such as Little Winners, Teddy Tubbies in Faridabad. The MN expertise and Head Mistress of Jiva Public School Mrs. Devina Nigam gave a vivid description and detailed inputs on MN during the seminar. Ms. Devina Nigam and Ms. Sneh Goswami explained that it is mandatory to know the nature of the student then solving their problem will be easy. There were different activities conducted to clarify the concept of MN and how such activities will be helpful in a class. A Power Point Presentation shown cleared the concepts further.

Faculty members from different Play Schools attended the seminar and appreciated the workshop and presentations. The Schools decided to follow the MN activities in their classes.