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Master Faridabad and Miss Faridabad Award Conferred at Jiva Public School

Master Faridabad and Miss Faridabad Award Conferred at Jiva Public School

It was an insightful initiative to facilitate Panchotsav for the Play School tiny toddlers and provide opportunity and a platform for the essence of their existence and expressions. Such programmes are catalyst to progressive ideas, interaction and exchange of information. An exciting array of talents and skills were staged by over 200 participants of various play schools to enhance knowledge and foster comaraderie and demonstrate skills in a healthy and friendly atmosphere. The events categorized according the age groups were amusing and interest captivating. To name a few schools in attendance are – Kids Safari, Little Angel, Sai Kids, Kids Convent, Genius Play, Blooming Kids, Wonder World, Cambridge Montessori, I-Kids Shiny Star, Lord Shiva, Disney Den, Anand Kids, Little Pioneer etc.

The programme comprised of various competitive events like Ramp Walk, Colouring, Dad and Me with Sports, Mom and Me dance, Rhyme and Recitation. The events were improvised according to their potential and age. The winners were awarded duly and the lime-light of the programme was Master Faridabad and Miss Faridabad Award.

The programme commenced with the benign presence of Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam. The Guest of Honour was the Young Director of Jiva Ayurveda Mr. Madhusudan Chauhan, who also did the honour to adjudicate the event Ramp Walk. The Chief Guest was Ms. Poonam. The International Project Head Ms. Kajal Chauhan, H.R. Head Ms. Meenakshi Singh and Head Training and Development Ms. Neeraj Chauhan not only graced the occasion but also obliged to judge for different events.

The premises resounded with huge applause when the result for Ramp Walk was announced. Yuwaan from Kidz Safari Play School was declared Master Faridabad and Yuvika from Little Angels Play School was declared Miss Faridabad. Advika from Kidz Safari and Aarav from Little Angels were the Runner-up. Hardika from Genius Play School and Akshara from Anand Kidz were awarded for Best Attire, Riyansh from Genius Play School, Sehaj from I-Kids Play School, Madhavi from Wonder World were awarded for Beautiful Smile Lakshita and Prateek from Genuis Play School. Diya from Little Angels were awarded Graceful Walk. In Colouring Competition Laxmi from Lord Shiva School was the Winner and Sanjana Saini from Wonder World was the Runner-up. Himanshi from Sai Kidz School was awarded for Outstanding Presentation Dad and Me Sports Competition Shourya from Genius Play School was the Runner-up. Mom and Me Dance Competition Laxmi from Genius Play School was the Winner and Veedisha from Anand Kids Play School was Runner-up. Tavleen Kaur from Wonder World was awarded for Outstanding Choreography and Daksh Rawat from Lord Shiva Play School for Outstanding Coordination. Ryhyme and Recitation Competition Lakshita from Kids Convent was the Winner and Kanika Goyal from Sai Kids was the Runner-up. The atmosphere was marked with thrilling excitement and exuberance.

The Chairman congratulated the winners and motivated them with a free conversation. The Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam extended their warm wishes to the winners and appreciated the endeavours of the staff.


A Naturalistic Fancy Dress Competition at Jiva

A Naturalistic Fancy Dress Competition at Jiva

Contestants in different costumes on stage

The school had organized a special theme based Fancy Dress Competition for the Kindergarten wing. The competition was entitled Creature in the Nature. The objective of the competition was to apprise the little ones with different creatures existing in nature. It was also expected that such practical performance would inculcate feelings of empathy, love, respect and preservation among them since their formative years. The participants donned the costumes of different insects and animals like grasshopper, butterfly, owl or even a crocodile. The contestants hopped and jumped on stage amidst hilarious laughter and applause.

The programme commenced with the most popular hindi number ‘Jungle Jungle baat chali hai …’. It kept the audience tapping and mesmerized despite the contestants  venture. The participants impersonating as octopus and Aravali mountain stole the show with their didactic message to protect and preserve the. To motivate the participants, they were duly honoured with prizes, which filled them with immense confidence.

The occasion was graced by school Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam. They lauded the performance of all contestants unreservedly and appreciated the efforts of faculty members.

Panchotsav: Second Gala Inter-School Anniversary Felicitation at Jiva Public School

Panchotsav: Second Gala Inter-School Anniversary Felicitation at Jiva Public School

On 22nd November, the school commemorated the second successful gala anniversary of Inter-school Competition Panchotsav, wherein 18 schools of the District with a  total of 210 contestants had participated enthusiastically. Panchotsav comprises of five different themes, namely India in Action, Science Seminar, Business Quiz, Languages Hindi (Navras)/English[Extempore] and two tech Competitions in Computer. Panchotsav provides a platform to young ignited minds to explore their potential in different streams of education and cultivate their talents by participating and to blossom as peak performers. Panchotsav encourages the youngsters, imbued with passion for learning, for a holistic development and to blaze a trail by virtue of their hardwork and resolute focus to prove their mettle.

The Ceremony commenced with the lightning of the blissful lamp of knowledge. The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam graced the occasion. The guest for the day were Ms. Kajal Chauhan International Project Head, Ms. Meenakshi Chauhan HR Head, Ms. Neerja Chauhan Head Training and Development, besides many renowned and respected intellectuals were present to adjudicate the events for the day Ms. Sudipto Chaterjee, Dr. Deepti Sharma, Mr. Jai Prakash Dangre, Mr. Moshank Reylia, Ms. Mamta Singh, Mr. Harish Sharma, Mr. Vedram Shashtri, Ms. Preeti Mangla, Ms. Rajni Sachdeva, Mr. Ajay Chawla, Rotarian Gaurav Ahuja and Ms. Shashi Khurana.

The names of the participating schools are :- Saffron school Sec 37, Vidya Niketan, Asha Jyoti Peeth, Dynasty International Emerald Convent School, Vidya Mandir Public School, Manav Rachna Charmwood, Modern Vidya Niketan Sec 43, Modern Vidya Niketan Sec 17, Modern Vidya Niketan Sec 88, DAV Ballabgarh, Surajkund International, Eicher School and Jiva Public School.

Winner Akanksha with the guests, Director, Administrator and the Principal

The participants seemingly were very confident and excited to contest in various events. After a cut-throat competition, the winners declared were as following :- First Prize for Hindi Navras competition Best Dialogue was awarded to Jiva Public School, Ashoka Memorial bagged the Second Prize and Best Costume went to Emerald Convent. For
Extempore Competition Eicher school and MVN Sec 17 were awarded Second Prize and Best Content was given to MVN Sec 43. In Science Project Jiva Public School was awarded the First Prize for Alternative Solution and Eicher School stood Second, for Unique Discovery, Emerald School and Dynasty International. For Best Content in India in Action Eicher School stood First, Manav Rachna Charmwood were awarded the Second Prize. In Business Quiz Vidya Mandir First and Manav Rachna and Charmwood got the Second Prize. In Computer Science – Slide Deck, Vidya Mandir was declared First and Jiva Public School Second and in Scratch Tales Jiva First and St. Luke got the Second Prize.

The programme concluded with the address of Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, who appreciated the hard work of the contestants and stated that such competitions build Self-confidence and tenacity of students in the growing world of opportunities to fulfill the quest for a lofty purpose. The Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, extended their best wishes to the contestants and faculty.

Teachers – The Strong Pillars of School

                 Teachers – The Strong Pillars of School                                                                     -Rishipal Chauhan

The School Director Mr. Rishipal Chauhan addressing the faculty after summer vacation
The School Director Mr. Rishipal Chauhan addressing the faculty after summer vacation

After summer vacations in his valedictory address, the Jiva Public School Director Mr. Rishipal Chauhan apprised the teachers with the real aim of Education in school. The role of a teacher is very significant in strengthening the nation. They are the strong pillars and ought to be desirous to become an acharya. He stated that a person who follows a disciplined life and fulfills his duties honestly is ideally a religious person. The duty of a student is to be ideally educated which ultimately leads to feelings of love and sacrifice. The foundation of Jiva Public School was laid with this view to contribute in building a fearless and peaceful society.

Addressing the faculty further he said that education is two fold – one it provides knowledge and the other it builds an upright character and with these two aims a person becomes an ideal citizen of the country. He advised the faculty to prepare lesson plans that connect students with day to day actual life. Giving a natures example, he said that the Sun remains engrossed in its work duty day and night or our body organs function tirelessly, similarly human beings need to fulfill their duties sincerely and dedicatedly.

The chief motive of this inspirational talk by Mr. Rishipal Chauhan is to contribute towards a progressive nation and the ideal principles of teachers can make it possible by assisting students to become realistic and practical. We must learn from nature that religiously follows its laws for a perfect harmony in the universe.


India in Action Campaign at Jiva Public School

                  Active Jivites in India in Action Campaign

The Campaign India in Action, since its inception initiated by the Managing Director Shri Rishipal Chauhan, is fairly progressing not only in Faridabad but also in other cities as well. The chief objective of this campaign is to built a clean progressive and happy society, which includes Swadhyay, Dincharya ke Niyam and doing good for the society to bring about a change in society. To carry out this campaign, it requires contribution and help from one and all. It is encouraging that many parents, guardians, students and teachers have come forward to enthusiastically participate in it. Mr. Rishipal Chauhan is a dedicated citizen of the country and committed to work for the welfare of the society. He is a visionary and tries hard to transform his vision into reality for the good of the society. India in Action is Mr. Chauhan’s dream vision, where in students, teachers and guardians participate time and again.

Jiva Teacher conducting Throw It Right Campaign at Kota Rajsthan
Jiva Teacher conducting Throw It Right Campaign at Kota Rajasthan

The students and teachers were seemingly active for this campaign even during their leisure of summer vacations. On 5th June they celebrated World Environment Day and planted trees / saplings in their respective areas. This celebration was not confined only to Delhi, NCR but even carried out at Kota (Rajasthan) via one of our faculty member. Besides this, campaigns like Throw it Right, Drip Irrigation and so on, were organized at different venues. The students and teachers also apprised people of every category with the benefits of yoga on 21 June at GBN Park. They also performed a few yoga exercises with them.They also conducted a Road Safety Programme and informed about the traffic rules and gave away Badges for the same.

On 4th June, under a community programme Mrs. Jyoti Gautam distributed ice-creams to underpriveled children. The Jivites and faculty members collaborated with an NGO ‘Khushi Ek Ehsas’ and gave books and bags to the needy. During the programme one of our teacher tested the people for Body Type and advised for appropriate meals accordingly. 

Jiva teachers with NGO Khushi Ek Ehsas distributing books and bags
Jiva teachers with NGO Khushi Ek Ehsas distributing books and bags

This campaign for the welfare and good of society was participated by many and messaged through Whats App. The Managing Director Shri Rishipal Chauhan appreciated the efforts and participation and said that such awareness will certainly make a peaceful society for all to live in perfect harmony.

          India in Action Campaign at Jiva Public School

On 23 April, the Managing Director Mr. Rishipal Chauhan carried a step further the most unique programme India in Action. The objective of this campaign is to build a clean, healthy and prosperous society. Such a vision has a wide spectrum and requires the cooperation of one and all and its inclusive of Swadhyay, DKN and a desire to do good for the society so that there could be a desired change brought into it, hence an invitation was extended to parents and guardians for the same, who graced the occasion in large number. Mr. Rishipal Chauhan, a well- wisher of society, a dedicated citizen of the country and ever ready to work for the welfare of countrymen, ventured into this campaign India in Action to assimilate his vision to establish a healthy and peaceful society.

The dias was shared with the experiences of students from junior and senior classes to reflect the immense satisfaction achieved after doing something good for others. The students from class XII Anant, Deepika and Vineeta, from Class VII Nandini, Ketan, Disha, Ojasvi and from IX Preksha, Shivani and Utkarsh joined the campaign and re-cycled many useful things out of waste products.

A few participant parents of the campaign shared experiences of their community service to the society, which indeed is commendable.

Dr. Pratap Chauhan, in his address to the gathering, briefed about the environment and enquired about the heritage that we were passing on to the Gen.Next. He extolled the audience by stating that the objective of this campaign is to leave a happy society for them. According to Dr. Pratap Chauhan Jiva Public School inculcates culture and good habits among students which can help them build a successful future. He further high lighted the significance of parents and guardians in this programme to make it successful.

India in Action Campaign

         India in Action Campaign initiated in School

The Managing Director Rishipal Chauhan addressing the Audience during India in Action campaign
The Managing Director Rishipal Chauhan addressing the Audience during India in Action campaign

The managing Director Rishipal Chauhan had initiated a unique campaign titled India in Action. The objective of this campaign is to build a clean, healthy and prosperous society. Such a vision has a vast scope and requires co-operation of one and all, therefore an invitation was extended  to the parents and guardians for the same.

According to Shri Chauhan an individual is healthy who follows Dincharya Ke Niyam religiously. As no human being is perfect and we do make mistakes and err in various ways in day to day life, therefore to overcome these errors we need to practice Swadhyay and set a precept for our family and if the family follows these simple principles of life,they would remain healthy and prosperous. The most virtual problem that we face in today’s world is that there is disobedience  and aggression prevailing among young children to great extent. They disobey and often revert against elders and parents, in such situation, it becomes mandatory for parents to set an example in the family by following DKN and Swadhyay so that these virtues could be inculcated among their children and they will be at bay from negative emotions like jealously,greed and anger. The parents and teachers, too need to lead a disciplined life so as the children imbibe a good attitude and behaviour and not be tempted to what is materialistic and luxurious. A sacrifice to materialism would make a person humble and happy.

Sanskar Mela

In the morning embarked at Jiva Public School with an air of festivity to celebrate its annual fest ‘Sanskar Mela’ in all its grandeur & gaiety.

This cultural event is organized yearly, with a holistic approach for the over all personality development of our students and to facilitate practical assistance to enhance inherent talent and build confidence to groom them as future ideal citizens.

The event commenced according to traditional Hindu Vedic Religion with a Hawan followed by ‘Ganesh Vandana’, thereafter a myriad of colourful and thrilling events continued to keep one and all spell-bound. Welcome song, old is gold, nursery rhymes, solo dance, Ramayan (kindergarten), desh rangela dance, punjabi dance and ‘Wo Krishna Hai’. ‘Jiva Sandesh’ a short skit was the highlight of the programme. Through the skit the students presented the prevalent corruption in the country and conveyed a message as to how by following ‘Dincharya Ke Niyam’ and ‘Swadhyay’ such corruption could be overcome.

The display of Ayurvedic medicine captivated the attention and was the cynosure of the event.

The parents and guardians were involved and entertained through varied games arranged for them. Tambola, one minute game, board game, Lakshmi in the bucket & dice game, kept the audience entertaining.

The limelight of the event was a glimpse of Jiva Philosophy i.e. Multiple Intelligence & Multiple Nature being reflected in every item. The event was highly appreciated by the august gathering. ‘Archery’ the bench mark of school found a special place in the event for the audience to try their aim.

The President Shri Rishipal Chauhan stated on the occasion that such cultural events envision Indian Culture and students gain practical experience of business deal, shop organization and transport management as it enriches their knowledge.

  • Cultural events on the Annual Day
  • Colorful presentation of Jivites
  •  Jivites convey Jiva message through the event
  • Audience enjoying the games
  •  Students exploring the Mela



    Jiva Public School lays great emphasis on developing skills and honing innate talents through diverse activities of various nature—academic, cultural, sports, art, community service, excursions and so on. We believe in teaching through examples and a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, arts, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community service. Depth and variety are added to each student’s life by the school’s culture, teaching methodology and accessibility to a broad and well-planned curriculum.

Activity Calendar for the Session 2019-20


Month        Activity MI/MN
April/May           Creature in Nature Fancy Dress Competition Interpersonal Educative
July         Fancy Character Portrayal Ramp Walk (Master & Miss Jivite) Bodily, Entertaining
August           Legends, Divas and Super Stars Dance Competition Bodily Gross, Musical,Entertaining
October          MI Activities All MI MN
November         MN Competition All MI  MN
December       Sports Event  Bodily, Adventurous



 Activity MI/MN
 April/May Art Fest Origami (Activity), Poster Making, Recitation,  Science Quiz   Linguistic, Creative, Visual, Bodily, Adventurous
 July Linguistic Fest



Spell Bee, Story Telling, Rakhi Making (Activity), Science Quiz


Linguistic, Educative, Creative, Adventurous


 August Performer’s Carnival   Jiva’s Got Talent Bodily, Visual, Musical, Entertaining, Creative, Administrative
 October Hindi Utsav




Recitation,Doha, Shloka, & Chaupaiyan, Singing,Techni Savvy, Story Telling 


Linguistic, Musical, Protective, Entertaining, Educative 
 November Talent Hunt Ank Ajoobe- Math Quiz Inter School Meet,  Dance Mania All MI  MN
 December Sports Mania  Races and  Matches Bodily Gross, Entertaining


 Activity MI/MN
  April  Art Competition Naturalistic, Bodily, Visual
  May Preliminary Screening Test (Science, Commerce, Maths, Computer, Humanities, Sports Events Logical,Linguistic, Educative, Graphic,  Bodily, Adventurous, Entertaining
 July Installation Ceremony, Science Fest, Commerce Fest Logical, Educative,  Creative
 August Investiture Ceremony, Literary Fest Linguistic,Musical,  Protective, Entertaining, Educative
September Hindi Samaroh,  Linguistic, Musical, Protective, Entertaining, Educative
 October Computer Fest, Maths Fest Visual, Logical, Educative,  Entertaining
 November  Inter School Meet – Panchotsav, Art Competition     Bodily,  Entertaining, Providing, Educative, Naturalistic, Visual
 December  Humanities Fest Educative,Bodily, Adventurous, Entertaining, 


For Events/Activities of  2019-20 please click the link below:-

Activity Calender 2019-20