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Ayur School

    In the area of physical & mental health development, Jiva has instituted Ayur School, a program that enables students to identify their Ayurvedic Body Types and diets to eat as per their constitution. This is conducted through a series of workshops, consultations with Ayurvedic doctor and activities that enhance their understanding of Ayurveda.

Career Fair 2014

The school organized a Career Mela in its premises for the students of Class X, XI & XII. It was attended by their parents and guardians as well. In this special programme, the details of Multiple Intelligence & Multiple Nature were discussed in varied ways. The concept of choosing a Career has changed nowadays. Today there are numerous options for students to choose from, besides opting for medical, commerce, engineering or IAS. Today’s youth can choose their career according to their Intelligence and Nature. There are more options like movie making, cartoonist, animation and so on. The chief purpose of this programme was to apprise the parents and guardians about so that they may help and guide their wards accordingly.    

A few Institutions that participated in this fair and presented a brief outline of the scope & courses pursued in their Institutions. The Institutions are :- CIDT, MVN, HIMIMI (Noida) and MAAC. The institution CIDT informed about  Fashion Designing, presenting details about the course. MVN pursues Management and Engineering, IHM follows Hotel Management. Noida IIMI informed detail in about the salient features  of Merchant Navy, MAAC Animation and Cinematography and its scope.

Sanskar Mela

In the morning embarked at Jiva Public School with an air of festivity to celebrate its annual fest ‘Sanskar Mela’ in all its grandeur & gaiety.

This cultural event is organized yearly, with a holistic approach for the over all personality development of our students and to facilitate practical assistance to enhance inherent talent and build confidence to groom them as future ideal citizens.

The event commenced according to traditional Hindu Vedic Religion with a Hawan followed by ‘Ganesh Vandana’, thereafter a myriad of colourful and thrilling events continued to keep one and all spell-bound. Welcome song, old is gold, nursery rhymes, solo dance, Ramayan (kindergarten), desh rangela dance, punjabi dance and ‘Wo Krishna Hai’. ‘Jiva Sandesh’ a short skit was the highlight of the programme. Through the skit the students presented the prevalent corruption in the country and conveyed a message as to how by following ‘Dincharya Ke Niyam’ and ‘Swadhyay’ such corruption could be overcome.

The display of Ayurvedic medicine captivated the attention and was the cynosure of the event.

The parents and guardians were involved and entertained through varied games arranged for them. Tambola, one minute game, board game, Lakshmi in the bucket & dice game, kept the audience entertaining.

The limelight of the event was a glimpse of Jiva Philosophy i.e. Multiple Intelligence & Multiple Nature being reflected in every item. The event was highly appreciated by the august gathering. ‘Archery’ the bench mark of school found a special place in the event for the audience to try their aim.

The President Shri Rishipal Chauhan stated on the occasion that such cultural events envision Indian Culture and students gain practical experience of business deal, shop organization and transport management as it enriches their knowledge.

  • Cultural events on the Annual Day
  • Colorful presentation of Jivites
  •  Jivites convey Jiva message through the event
  • Audience enjoying the games
  •  Students exploring the Mela