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Jivites Enthralling Performance Awarded

Jivites Enthralling  Performance  Awarded

The energy and spirit of Jivites did not defer even in these vulnerable  time.They keep up their  energy and utilize in the most creative manner by giving their outstanding performance to gain edge over rival contestants.On 20th June Gahima Studio in Gaziabad had organised Dance and Music Competition via video performance.A total of 78 contestants from Delhi and NCR had participated.This Competition was categorized in junior and senior groups and adjudicated on the basis of video performance.

The participants from Jiva Public School excelled in their performances  and were declared winners in their respective categories. Divija from class VI procured First Position in Vocal Music.Anushree Dudhpuri from class III and Bhumika Kashmira from classXI bagged Third Position in Dance Competition. Divija was also awarded a cash prize of Rs 500/.The music teacher trained and inspired her.

The school Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan,Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam appreciated the performances of the winners and also praised the hard endeavors of the teachers.

Jivites Awarded at Wings of Peace Model United Nations

Jivites Awarded at Wings of Peace Model United Nations


Two students of Jiva Public School were awarded for exhibiting excellence in diplomatic negotiations and oratory skills. Krishithikaa and Aakanksha of class X won special mention-2 and 3 respectively on the debate of France and Japan in UNGA (SOCHUM) held on 27-28 June 2020.


 Both the participants were awarded Certificates of Merit.There were many participants from different schools representing countries of South Asia where Human Rights are violated.It was through video conferencing where Jivites expressed their convincing views impressively and brought laurels to individual self and school.The Jivites strongly believe that regular practice of Swadhyay has helped them balance their critical thinking skills even in such vulnerable time.

The school Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Lata Chauhan  and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam congratulated the participants and wished them a very bright future.

Gold for Jivites at International Level

Gold for Jivites at International Level

International Gold Medal winner Sanket Mittal and Bhavesh Lada with the National Flag

Sports and Games are an integral part of school curriculum and Jiva Public School takes special care to provide its students not only a platform but also every opportunity to showcase their talent. The school Games Federation of India had organized different Sports and Games competition like Archery, Basket-ball, Karate, Roller Hockey, Skating, Net Ball and Badminton. Many schools from the district had registered their contestants, whereas the Jivites not only contested for various Sports and games but excelled in their performance and were honoured with Medals respectively.

The Jivites had their names registered to contest at International level. Two contestants from Jiva, Sanket and Bhavesh class X participated in Indo Nepal Goodwill Championship and ranked 1st Position and procured Gold Medal, bringing laurels to school, district, state and the country.

The two winners with the Chairman, Director, Principal, Event Coordinator and Coach Jitendra.

The students credited the discipline and philosophy Swadhyay followed in school to help them remain focused on their aim and chisels their skills with regular practice. The names of the winners in Archery are: – Chavi class VII Gold Medal, Vanshika and Vineet class VII Silver Medal. These three winners will also play at State Level. The names of winners in Roller Hockey are :- class XII Deepanshu, Abhishek, Mayank, class XI Vishal Chandila. Each of them bagged Silver Medal at District Level and now they will play at State Level Competition. Skating Competition class VI Vani Awasthi Silver Medal, Class IX Surya Pratap Silver Medal and class XI Vishal Chandila Gold Medal. In Karate all participants bagged Gold Medal and their names are: – class XII Vikas Rana, Gunjeet and Khushi Chabbra, class XI Shaily, class IX Aarti, class VII Tashi. Those who clinched Silver Medal are class VI Ishita Bishnoi, Bronze Medal Mohit Vikram and Tarun Mishra class XI. From class XI Mansi, Srishti, class XII Dipanshi, Komal were elected to play at State Level Competition. Their Team bagged First Position at District level in Netball Competition and Third position in Basketball.

The occasion was addressed by the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan who stated that Sports and Games instill discipline among students which leads then to success. The Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan apprised them the importance of Sports and Games. The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam congratulated the winners and wished them a bright future.

Jiva Chairman Conferred Inspiring Educator Award

Jiva Chairman Conferred Inspiring Educator Award

Jiva Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan receiving the award

Jiva Public School Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan was conferred Award of Citation by the Founder Rocksport Mr. Piyush Khandelwal, at Reinventing Schools Talk Series and Inspiring Educators Awards, on 30th July. This award was bestowed for Shri Chauhan’s special contribution in K-12 education.

This Citation Award ceremony was organized by Rocksport at the Latit Hotel, Connaught Place N. Delhi. The Citation ceremony was fourth of nine such Talk Series, scheduled Pan India. It was a Talk Series by Inspiring Educator in Schools to ideate, debate and discuss the most critical need of the hour-Reinventing Schools.

This series was an interactive panel discussion by leading educationists and owners of school in NCR and Delhi to think it loud and reinvent pedagogy & the benefits of outdoor education. Shri Chauhan a foresighted visionary has taken initiatives and introduced many changes in school like Self Others Environment (SOE), Swadhyay and Dincharya Ke Niyam (DKN) to build upright and ideal citizens of the country. His initiative of India In Action Programme conducts various events and activities to develop empathy and build a fearless and peaceful society.

Such honours instil zest and zeal, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Gold to Jivite in Badminton

Gold to Jivite in Badminton

The winner with Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam, Event Coordinator Mrs. Monika Arora, PET Jitendra Kumar Nagar

A Class X student Sanket Mittal, with his outstanding performance bagged a Gold Medal and did honours to the school by participating in the Badminton Competition organized by ‘Panchayti Yuva Kreeda Khel’ Campaign 2019. The competition was conducted at Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. The participants from different parts of the country came to contest for it. Approximately 200 to 250 contestants had participated in the age group of 13, 15 and 17 respectively. Despite a tough competition Sanket displayed skills and confidence and clinched a Gold Medal competing on Under 15 category.

In continuation of his victory Sanket was awarded a Gold by participating in District level Badminton Competition at Hathras, organized by Aligarh District Association. Sanket had contested in Under 15 Category and with his outstanding performance qualified for National Level. Sanket proved his sportive skills and added a feather in his cap.

The Chairman Shri Rishipal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan congratulated Sanket on his achievement and wished him a bright future. They appreciated the efforts of PET Jitendra Kumar Nagar.

Golds for Jivites at District Level Karate Competition

Golds for Jivites at District Level Karate Competition

The winner contestants with the Chairman, Director, Administrator, Principal, coordinator, Mrs. Monika Sharma, coach Sachin.

The bench mark of Jivites in Sports field is their firm hold and chiseled skills. On July 28, the Jivite contestants clinched five Golds, 11 Silver and one Bronze Medal in Karate Comeptition held at Gera Smriti Bhawan Market 2 at Faridabad. The awards are an honour to contestants and the school. The razor-edge competition was participated by many institutions and the Jivites excelled with their outstanding performance. The contestants participating were from class III to XII. A total of 16 Jivites had contested and each one was credited with a medal.

The names of other participating schools are AKV Global School Sikrona, St. John’s School, Sainik Colony, Modern Arya School, Sururpur, Modern Convent School Sec – 46, Dronacharya Public School 23A, Milestone School, Village Saran, Swami Dharmanand School and Jiva Public School. The name of contestants awarded Gold Medal are Saurav Chandila III, Ishita VII, Mohit Vikram XI (Two Gold medals), Vikas Rana XII. The Silver Medal was awarded to – Dakshit Chandila and Anokhee Chandila III, Mohit Lamba, Advik and Siddhartha Chandila, Chakshan IV, Aditya Bisht V, Isheet VI, Twinkle VIII, Arti Chandila IX, Khushi Chabbra XII. Yuvraj Gautam class V bagged the Bronze Medal. All Gold Medal winners will contest at State Level.

The Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan congratulated the winners and stated that sports instil a sense of discipline and co-operation among students as it is the first step of any sport. Shri Chauhan appreciated Karate Coach Sachin for his guidance and efforts. The school Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan and Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam wished the winners a very bright future.

Digital Franchise for Team Leaders at Jiva Public School

Digital Franchise for Team Leaders at Jiva Public School

Lakshay Kumar

The school facilitates the diverse needs and strength of its students with the pursuance of Multiple Intelligence and Multiple Natures to develop character with effective attributes to satiate creativity and curiosity among students. The school has been conducting elections every year to elect new Team Leaders of MN Team, following the democratic procedure to build ideal future citizens. In a rare first, this year, Lakshay Kumar a class XI student, who is Providing and Protective by Nature, had with his innovative idea improvised a flawless digital voting system, with an objective to save wastage of ballot paper voting and the burdensome task of counting, for the results. The HT PACE coordinator surveyed the electioneering process and had a conversation with mastermind Lakshay. Given below are a few excerpts :-

Question : Let me first congratulate you on being elected  the Leader of Providing Team in your school. Tell me how do you feel and what would you like to contribute to your school ?

Lakshay : Thankyou Madam. I really feel very happy and elated, but being a leader means to enshoulder responsibilities towards achieving goals. As far as my contribution to school is concerned, I would like to provide a platform to my schoolmates where they could freely attempt their creative ideas, for example, be it an experiment in Science, expression of thought, performance on stage or care and preservation of environment and health or hygiene.

Question : When and how did the idea originate in your mind ?

Lakshay : This idea struck me, when I was in class X, we were learning the chapter ‘Population’ and were informed that after partition 33% of the land had trees and now only 19% land is left with trees. The increment in statistic, the percentile in land with trees declining, I thought of seeking a solution to save the trees. Since paper is made out of trees I thought of saving wastage of ballot paper. There is less manual labour required, besides the results is displayed very soon.

The school philosophy which we all follow religiously has inspired me a lot. When I practice Swadhyay & write my SOE (Self Others Environment) I introspect deeply and search for a solution. I keep ruminating on different issues and the ideas flow into my mind.

Question : Could you briefly explain the working process by electronic voting ?

Lakshay : We gave each eligible student, a STVID card, which was scanned and verified via QR code. The voter student then entered the serial and STVID number in the computer. Once verified the computer screen displayed options of all contestants, which according to student’s choice was tick marked and then submitted. For results, the Bar Graph generated reflected the number of votes of each contestant, the contestant with the highest number of votes is elected the Leaders, the second highest is elected the Secretary and the third highest is elected as Joint Secretary of the Team.

Thank you very much for talking to me.

ICSE Topper Lakshay Kumar wants to pursue his career in IT sector. He has opted for a non-medical stream and plans to work upon any innovation to transform it into reality.


Jivite Conferred Best-Zonal Interact Award

Jivite Conferred Best-Zonal Interact Award

Renowned Rotarians with DG Vinay Bhatia, ZIR Himanshu Mittal with the Award

Jiva Public School Interact club President and ZIR zone 6, Himanshu Mittal Class XII was honoured with the Best Zonal Interact Representative Award in Elite Category on 3rd July in Delhi, at the First (DIRA) District Interact Recognization Ceremony held at Sanskriti School Chanakyapuri Delhi. The school was also awarded the Platinum Award. A total of 50 schools from NCR had participated who had constantly worked in 2018-19 for the welfare of society and community. Himanshu Mittal was awarded for his leadership qualities and dedication.

DG Shri Vinay Bhatia honouring Coordinator Mrs. Deepa Gaba with Platinium Award for the school

Rotary Club is a social organisation that works for social welfare abroad and in the country and inspires the school/college students for various social welfare activities. Jiva Public School was awarded the Platinum  for its constantly striving efforts towards social upliftment. Himanshu Mittal swore to carry the work ahead in future & remain duti bound towards community welfare services.

The chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan and Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan congratulated Himanshu Mittal and wished him a bright future.