Personal Development

   One of our central themes at Jiva Public School is development of the self. In order to help students on their inward journey, we have a number of activities that encourage introspection

Self , Others & Environment

   Each child maintains a learning journal where he writes his thoughts about himself, others in his life and his environment. Each day after morning assembly, students take 15 minutes to write about their thoughts and experiences, and share them with their classmates. Through this type of reflection, they improve their thinking skills and ability to express themselves. It also enables them to see the connections that make up their world so they can act and take decisions that lead to harmony internally and externally. 

Dincharya Ke Niyam

   Through DKN, we encourage students to create and follow their own daily routines. From the time they get up, to the time they go to bed, students aim to make the most of the hours available to them during the day.


   At the end of each day, students take a few minutes to reflect on their day–to think about the decisions they made and how they acted and reacted in different situations. It is an opportunity for them to center themselves and judge their personal development.