MN Teams

  Jiva Public School is fortunate to be the pioneer in implementing the Multiple Natures model. Multiple Natures, or MN, is a theory developed by Steven Rudolph that identifies 9 unique natures in each individual, namely: Protective, Educative, Administrative, Creative, Healing, Entertaining, Providing, Entrepreneurial and Adventurous. By understanding one’s strong natures, he can play to his strengths and find greater success in everything he does.

   Through this program, students and teachers identify these abilities through observational assessments and the Multiple Natures Test. They use this information to make decisions about which activities to get involved in, such as clubs, teams, and other co-curricular activities.

   We combine Multiple Natures with the Multiple Intelligence model that looks at 8 types of abilities, including: Bodily, Interpersonal, Logical, Linguistic, Visual, Musical, Intrapersonal, and Naturalistic.

      There are different Multiple Intelligence & Multiple Nature teams in school such as Administrative and Protective team, Entrepreneurial team, Naturalistic team, Visual team which takes care of various projects daily, weekly, monthly throughout the year. The team consists of students as leaders, secretary, joint secretary & class representatives. Student team is formed after a democratic process where students of class VI-XII take part to understand the election process. It also fosters Administrative skill, Leadership qualities, Decision making, Cooperation & Team building.

    At Jiva, students and teachers participate in a variety of “teams”. Teams are a way for everyone to explore their abilities and build their skills, while also enhancing the Jiva community and environment. Teams also provide an opportunity for students and teachers to collaborate, which not only builds bonds, but also enables students to learn in an apprenticeship fashion.

For our teams explore the link below:-

MN Teams 2018-19