Literary Carnival at Jiva

Literary Carnival at Jiva

On 17th August, the school had organized a Literary Fest, to provide students a platform to apprise themselves with different generes of Literature. It assists them to develop fluency and acquire speaking skills that gives them a touch of class to their persona. The exhilarating atmosphere was marked with eagerness to witness different aspects of English Literature.

Participants staging dramatic monologue

The programme commenced in the most traditional way by the management members and honourable judges lighting an earthen diya and offering Gangajal to Tulsi Plant. After the welcome address, the stage was set for the days programme, divided into two parts with Dramatic Monologue and Poster Making and Slogan writing pre-lunch, whereas Elocution and Grammar Quiz post lunch. The fest was a conjecture of different competitions with creative ideas to meet the needs of pupils in a stimulating atmosphere, with an aim to strengthen interest in the literary pilgrimage of learning experience.

The honourable judges declared the theme for Poster Making and Slogan Writing followed by Contestants performances on stage for Dramatic Monologue that rocked, with eloquent speeches from Shakespeares plays. Elocution and Slogan Presentation was precise and convincing to the topic. Grammar quiz for class VI students represented their concept clarity and chiseled skills. The Buzzer Round and Rapid Fire round was the lime light of the competition. To motivate the participants the winners were awarded for each competition. For Dramatic Monologue different categories were awarded like Best Speaker, Best Content, Best Expression, Best Intonation, Most Confident and Dialogue Delivery. The visuals in Poster Making endeared the Judges. The contestants were precise, eloquent and very defining in expressing their views while competing for Elocution.

The occasion was graced with the benign presence of the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan, Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan, Administrator Mrs. Mukta Sachdeva, Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam. They appreciated the performance of each participant. Shri Chauhan in his address said that learning language is a great skill and performing with confidence on stage adds lustre to their personality, and every student should endeavor to acquire fluency in Spoken language.