Jiva Chairman Honoured With Hind Ratan Award for Education Excellence

Jiva Chairman Honoured With Hind Ratan Award for                                      Education Excellence

Jiva Chairman Sh. Rishi Pal Chauhan received “Hind Ratan Award”

Jiva Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan was honoured with Hind Ratan Award for Education Excellence. On 15 March, the program was virtually organized in New Delhi through Google Meet. Many educators from esteemed educational institutes had participated. Shri Chauhan is conferred the award for his unparallel contribution in health, education and social sphere. Shri Chauhan is running an educational institute for the past 27 years, wherein academics with high standard and global outlook is pursued, besides health and social responsibilities are equally endorsed. The institute has made its mark in academics and discipline and students here are trained according to their nature so as to become a successful citizen of the country. This is also an Ayur Institute and every student is well apprised of his body type and follows his diet accordingly. Each student enthusiastically participates in social work under the canopy of India in Action programme. The students are skilled and adept in technology and imparted moral values to inculcate into their personality.