Jiva Chairman Conferred International Award For Commendable Contribution in Education


Jiva Public School Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan was Awarded By International Symposium and Award 2020, in a program organized virtually ,for his ‘Commendable Contribution in Changing The Education System Award ’on 20th December, amidst loud applause and august gathering of scholars and educationists of renowned institutes from many countries. Indian educationists shared their views and opinions on the new education policy with renown dignitaries at international level in attendance. The Chief Guest Mr. George Salazar, ( Johnson Space Center NASA,USA) Dr. Isabel Pedraza (Scientist, CERN Switzerland) and Raghav Sharma ( Co-Founder Smartcircuits Innovation )the renown educationist were the Guest of honour on the occasion . The convenor was Dr. Shanker Prasad Dutta ( Principal Krishnanagar West Bengal),and gracing the program were Dr. Anuradha Govind Principal J. M. International School New Delhi, Ms. Bhawna Chibber, Ms .Neeta Dua and Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan. All educationists and expressed their views in support of the New Education policy

Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan is a visionary and for past many years ,he has been actively following distinctive ideologies in his school which are already in sync with the new education policy. There is a unique amalgamation of interdisciplinary approach to learning with academic concepts and technology in tune with ethical and moral value based education. Every individual in school follows Dincharya ke Niyam ( D.K.N), Swadhyay and Self, Others, Environment( S O E ).The school provides Atal Tinkering Laboratory and the Multiple Intelligence And Multiple Natures test indicate the natures and intelligence of a student. The school has the most modern equipped Laboratory at the same time traditional handloom weaving ,plumbing ,pottery bring in creativity and craftsman ship with elegance. The students also remain active and involved in social activities through programs like India In Action and Rotary Club. The education policy of Shri Chauhan is based on his belief that young learners are soft clay models ,who can be easily shaped in the desired mould.