India in Action

 India in Action

Mr. Rishipal Chauhan President, Jiva Public School

  The managing Director Rishipal Chauhan has initiated a unique campaign titled India in Action. The objective of this campaign is to build a clean, healthy and prosperous society. Such a vision has a vast scope and requires co-operation of one and all, therefore an invitation is extended  to the parents and guardians for the same.

Blood Donation Camp Organized at Jiva

A blood donation camp was organized at Jiva Public School. The camp was organized in collaboration with the Rotary Club Aastha and the school’s Interact Club. The occasion was graced by the benign presence of former Rotary Club President Shri Neeraj Bhutani, who inspired and boosted the confidence of donors. The entire camp was supervised and managed by the Rotary Club President Shri Vikas Garodia, Secretary Deepak Prasad with the cooperation of Dev Dhan Charitable trust. The school’s Interact Club President Sumit Chandila Vice-President Deepanshi Khattar and Coordinator Deepa Gaba were also present and offered a lending hand to all doctors.

  The guardians participated in the programme with great interest and enthusiasm and willingly donated blood and highly appreciated this multi-objective programmed.

 A Co-Sharing Programme by Jiva Teachers and Parents/Guardians

     The school facilitates each individual student to develop and groom themselves confidently and empathize with others in society. The 71st Celebration of Independence Day was unique in itself. Under the India in Action programme the Jiva pupils, in coordination with an NGO Khushi Ek Ahsas visited Jagrati Public School in Sainik Colony, Faridabad, there they distributed syllabus related text books to underprivileged students. It was a joint venture between Jiva Teachers and Students and Parents and Guardians.

    At the same occasion the Jiva’s 21 students and teachers in association with Rotary Club met people at Crown Interior Mall and conducted a Body Type Test. A few alumni had also joined the programme.

    The people at the Mall were equally excited to know about their Body Type and follow the diet accordingly to maintain their sound health. The Jivites also collaborated in the blood donation programme by Rotary Club.

    The Managing Director Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan stated that such programme inculcate a feeling of brotherhood and unity. He appreciated the teachers and students efforts.