Gold for Jivites at International Level

Gold for Jivites at International Level

International Gold Medal winner Sanket Mittal and Bhavesh Lada with the National Flag

Sports and Games are an integral part of school curriculum and Jiva Public School takes special care to provide its students not only a platform but also every opportunity to showcase their talent. The school Games Federation of India had organized different Sports and Games competition like Archery, Basket-ball, Karate, Roller Hockey, Skating, Net Ball and Badminton. Many schools from the district had registered their contestants, whereas the Jivites not only contested for various Sports and games but excelled in their performance and were honoured with Medals respectively.

The Jivites had their names registered to contest at International level. Two contestants from Jiva, Sanket and Bhavesh class X participated in Indo Nepal Goodwill Championship and ranked 1st Position and procured Gold Medal, bringing laurels to school, district, state and the country.

The two winners with the Chairman, Director, Principal, Event Coordinator and Coach Jitendra.

The students credited the discipline and philosophy Swadhyay followed in school to help them remain focused on their aim and chisels their skills with regular practice. The names of the winners in Archery are: – Chavi class VII Gold Medal, Vanshika and Vineet class VII Silver Medal. These three winners will also play at State Level. The names of winners in Roller Hockey are :- class XII Deepanshu, Abhishek, Mayank, class XI Vishal Chandila. Each of them bagged Silver Medal at District Level and now they will play at State Level Competition. Skating Competition class VI Vani Awasthi Silver Medal, Class IX Surya Pratap Silver Medal and class XI Vishal Chandila Gold Medal. In Karate all participants bagged Gold Medal and their names are: – class XII Vikas Rana, Gunjeet and Khushi Chabbra, class XI Shaily, class IX Aarti, class VII Tashi. Those who clinched Silver Medal are class VI Ishita Bishnoi, Bronze Medal Mohit Vikram and Tarun Mishra class XI. From class XI Mansi, Srishti, class XII Dipanshi, Komal were elected to play at State Level Competition. Their Team bagged First Position at District level in Netball Competition and Third position in Basketball.

The occasion was addressed by the Chairman Shri Rishi Pal Chauhan who stated that Sports and Games instill discipline among students which leads then to success. The Director Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan apprised them the importance of Sports and Games. The Principal Mrs. Devina Nigam congratulated the winners and wished them a bright future.