Faculty Workshop to Update with Technology

The best use of winter vacation at Jiva happened to be a workshop entitled ‘Tech Integrated Class Room Technology’ organized for the faculty members to brush themselves with the latest technology and utilize it in various aspects of academics and to share with the students. The first workshop of its kind was conducted by Dell Aarambh – Tata Class Edge at Jiva Public School. It was the first workshop in Delhi NCR region. All the teacher participants were given a participation Certificate. For maximum and excellent use of Tata Edge Class, the school teachers Ms. Renu Wadhwa, Ms. Meenu Sharma and Ms. Parminder were conferred with certificates. The IT sector school coordinator Ms. Priya Trivedi was given a certificate for her wonderful job in the Department.

The high standard of education in this era requires updates with latest technology, because the young learners are very inquisitive and eager. Hence it is necessary that teachers are adept in techno-skills to satisfy the young minds and quell their apprehensions. This technical knowledge adds to make their subjects easy and interesting. Today’s workshop highlighted the useful utility of Whats app, Facebook, Instagram, Blog and Web Designer and to work smartly for a cut above in their knowledge.