Faculty Brush-up with Life Skills at Jiva

The school had facilitated a workshop cum training session for the staff, on 18 January 2019. It was conducted by Ms. Mamta Sharma from Delhi, who is a renowned Life Coach Trainer, orator and involved in writing skills. Ms. Sharma apprised the faculty about Life Skills and means and methodology to live and remain happy. According to Ms. Sharma being happy is an art. The workshop was organized by the school counselor Ms. Susan D’Souza.

During the training session, it was explained how to overcome the difficulties and crises in life that are inevitable. These harsh realities in life, create panic and one needs to control feelings and thoughts to maintain calm and tranquility. Life skill teaches not to worry or be anxious but to brave challenges and overcome them. Most of the time, crises occurs due to our thoughts that create a dilemma between positive and negative thoughts. Our thoughts need to be positive which demonstrate various thought control techniques to be free and released of every tension in life. She also conducted a few activities wherein the staff participated and tried to find solutions to everyday problems.