Digital World – A New Approach to Education

Digital World – A New Approach to Education

     Jiva Public School keeps abreast with the latest developments in Information Technology to keep pace with the dynamic new developments in the field of Technology. JPS is the first School in India to make use of the Internet and E-mail for performing Curriculum Exchange Projects with International Students. It teaches Digital video-making and creates learning resources on various topics and to use educational web logs to enhance effective communication between the Students and Teachers in the school. Jiva’s IT activities are integrated in the curriculum with both teachers and students to reap maximum benefits.

    Computers at Jiva play an important role to facilitate effective communication and coordination between the Teachers and the Administration. Our teachers create and access dozens of Technology based Lesson Plans through a database created in-house. The administration makes use of a Jiva created software tool called Smart School Pro for maintaining students’ records, grades and fees and so on.

Cultural Exchange Programme

    The Computer department not only keeps abreast with latest tech information but also initiates special programmes to inculcate values of harmony and endurance among young students via Cultural Exchange programmes. The objective is to develop respect and friendly communion right from their formative years so that the pupils grow into ideal citizens.

     Our School from time to time runs the Cultural Exchange Programme with different countries. One of the Cultural Exchange Programme with the Lady Delphine who lives in Zurich, when she came to The School on 8th Oct 2012, is her Picture Figure Theatre, Primary Students learned various IT related Topics like Internet, E-mail, Search Engine so that students can better understand culture of Zurich and can communicate with Delphine using Blog, E-mail or Chat. A Picture Figure Theatre workshop was organized from 8th Oct 2012 to 9th Oct 2012.

Students acquiring information via different activities during the cultural exchange programme

     The cultural exchange programme was conducted between JPS and The Ramaz School, New York, in January 2017. It was an Online Exchange with class III students. The Ramaz School had sent us few significant videos describing their academic methodology and everyday schedule. Similarly Jivites shared a video with them explaining their daily schedule and letting them explore their town Faridabad. The Jivites described about the Jiva Philosophy like DKN, Swadhyay and SOE. They also informed about Body Type and the Healthy Diet according to their Body Type. This activity allowed an exchange of Culture and develops regards and endurance respectively through the process. The Jivites learnt about QR code too through this programme.

Digital Responsibility

    Jiva also promotes digital responsibility by addressing Acceptable Computer Use, Caring for and Sharing Equipment, Intellectual Property Rights, Anti-piracy, Hacking and so on. Students are made aware of all these pertinent issues and encouraged to indulge in the responsible use of IT.

 Students Making Videos

     JPS has promoted Film Making as a tool to use technology for a cause, creating awareness about the environment and other social issues. Such initiatives have not gone unrecognized. The students of class VI-X won a special award at the screening of their movies at the First National Wildlife and Environment Film Festival in India for their efforts in creating environmental awareness. Recently Students of Class Vth & VIth won First Prize in Movie Making on Digital Jewellery during an Inter School competition.

Tech Innovators of Jiva

    Information Technology is a productive combination of computers and communication. Information Technology covers a broad spectrum in today’s life. IT department of Jiva gives opportunity to all Jivites to take a step ahead in this arena. We organize different competitions and activities in school where all the students participate and explore their selves. The process of competition measures task enjoyment, involvement and satisfaction about the work which Jivites learn.

    The inquisitive pupils of class I & II were most excited to use computer and make traffic signals /Zebra Crossings to create conscious awareness of its usage for personal safety. Class II pupils were rather creative and with their imagination created imaginary Cartoon characters.

   Jivites presented a unique program on computers entitled “Evolving Developers”. The students from class III to Class VIII made a program on their school and country. The students formed their own teams and selected a topic to prepare the software. The students from class III to V used software ‘Scratch’ to make animated movies and presented them on the computer.

    Class V students made their own software and recorded Dincharya ke Niyam, the students also made an animated film on SOE and discussed its utility in life. Through animation, the students made  a film on football too. Class VI students discussed in ‘Q-Basic’ the Multiple Intelligence in details. They also prepared a questionnaire on Jiva Philosophy Dincharya ke Niyam. Class VII students prepared a Website on Seven Wonders of the World. Besides this they also discussed about the national environment, the national forest and the wild animals and birds found there.

    We facilitate students by inviting Resource Persons and Trainers to teach them implication of computer skills and programmes. For class VII students a Renowned Resource Person from the industry explained the designing of pamphlets via Photoshop. It was very enjoyable and exploring.

   We remain abreast and update with the latest and advanced technology to assist students for a bright future. Class VI students’ integrated computers with other subjects and made PPT with sound, hyperlink etc. Whereas class V students used Computer as a resource for interdisciplinary benefits.