Digital Franchise for Team Leaders at Jiva Public School

Digital Franchise for Team Leaders at Jiva Public School

Lakshay Kumar

The school facilitates the diverse needs and strength of its students with the pursuance of Multiple Intelligence and Multiple Natures to develop character with effective attributes to satiate creativity and curiosity among students. The school has been conducting elections every year to elect new Team Leaders of MN Team, following the democratic procedure to build ideal future citizens. In a rare first, this year, Lakshay Kumar a class XI student, who is Providing and Protective by Nature, had with his innovative idea improvised a flawless digital voting system, with an objective to save wastage of ballot paper voting and the burdensome task of counting, for the results. The HT PACE coordinator surveyed the electioneering process and had a conversation with mastermind Lakshay. Given below are a few excerpts :-

Briefing the digital process

Question : Let me first congratulate you on being elected  the Leader of Providing Team in your school. Tell me how do you feel and what would you like to contribute to your school ?

Lakshay : Thankyou Madam. I really feel very happy and elated, but being a leader means to enshoulder responsibilities towards achieving goals. As far as my contribution to school is concerned, I would like to provide a platform to my schoolmates where they could freely attempt their creative ideas, for example, be it an experiment in Science, expression of thought, performance on stage or care and preservation of environment and health or hygiene.

Question : When and how did the idea originate in your mind ?

Lakshay : This idea struck me, when I was in class X, we were learning the chapter ‘Population’ and were informed that after partition 33% of the land had trees and now only 19% land is left with trees. The increment in statistic, the percentile in land with trees declining, I thought of seeking a solution to save the trees. Since paper is made out of trees I thought of saving wastage of ballot paper. There is less manual labour required, besides the results is displayed very soon.

The school philosophy which we all follow religiously has inspired me a lot. When I practice Swadhyay & write my SOE (Self Others Environment) I introspect deeply and search for a solution. I keep ruminating on different issues and the ideas flow into my mind.

Question : Could you briefly explain the working process by electronic voting ?

Lakshay : We gave each eligible student, a STVID card, which was scanned and verified via QR code. The voter student then entered the serial and STVID number in the computer. Once verified the computer screen displayed options of all contestants, which according to student’s choice was tick marked and then submitted. For results, the Bar Graph generated reflected the number of votes of each contestant, the contestant with the highest number of votes is elected the Leaders, the second highest is elected the Secretary and the third highest is elected as Joint Secretary of the Team.

Thank you very much for talking to me.

ICSE Topper Lakshay Kumar wants to pursue his career in IT sector. He has opted for a non-medical stream and plans to work upon any innovation to transform it into reality.