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With Indian Ethos at the very hub of Jiva, the school has made significant strides highlighting noteworthy facets of variety of outcomes over a decade.

lata-madam3Jiva has developed itself as a knowledge centre for transforming the tender minds into most intellectual ones that would dedicate to the cause of the society and the nation with positive attitude and constructive vigour. The school has evolved unique methods of creative learning without compromising with traditional and cultural heritage of Indian system.

Hi-Tech education and e-learning have been found to be newer vistas of journey towards excellence that aims at fetching the sweetest fruits of liberalization and globalization. The philosophy of Jiva is that education should be an all-inclusive means for becoming a good citizen rather than merely being a means to earn livelihood.

The central theme of JIVA is to develop and nurture requisite skills that would help the children in coping with challenges of change.It is trusted that the efforts of Jiva would lead to contributing towards building and sustaining a social ambience which would be best befitting into the framework of new economic and social order. ”

Mrs. Chander Lata Chauhan

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