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Annual Teacher’s Meet


Teachers learn how Ayurveda, yoga can remarkably transform their lives.

Around 600 teachers attended The HT-PACE (Partnerships for Action in Education) Annual Teacher’s Meet at Hotel Hyatt Regency.

The highlight of the meet was a talk delivered by Dr. Pratap Chauhan, ayurvedic practitioner and founder of  JIVA  Ayurveda.

Stating that every person is composed of the five elements of nature- earth, water, fire, air, sky in varying ratios. Dr. Chauhan advised: “First understand your diet, lifestyle and clothes accordingly. If the dominating element in your body  is ‘pitta’ or fire, you should refrain from eating spicy food and wearing dark coloured clothes. Instead, rely on a lifestyle that adapts the extreme opposite element ‘kapha’ or earth and water to stay fit, he said, adding that adopting the ‘sattvik’  or holistic state of mind can help us lead a fulfilling life.

Dr. Chauhan’s session reminded  Ms. Sunanda Maggo of St Mary’s School, Dwarka, of a hyperactive student whose parents  are unable to manage him. She realised that he is probably ruled by ‘pitta’ that aggravates his symptoms when he takes high calorie foods.

During the Question Answer round, some of the issues raised by the teachers are as follows:

Q: How to adopt a sattvik style?

A: Anything that relaxes the mind is sattvik. Listen to good music, read and watch good content, do yoga.

Q: Even Ayurveda uses chemicals, so how is it helpful?

A: The medicines we recommend, are made using natural extracts such as those derived from onions and garlic that contain antibacterial and antibiotic properties.

Mr. Steve Rudolph
Mr. Steven Rudolph

Taking the theme further, American educator, author and public speaker Steven Rudolph, who is also the director of JIVA Institute, recalled what made him choose India as his workplace 20 years ago. “My trip to India had turned awful when I fell sick. It was Chauhan’s medicine that cured me. Though many Indian hanker to settle in the United States, my love for Ayurveda has brought me here”, he said.

“This year the response from teachers exceeded our expectations. I am happy that health and wellness  through the ancient Indian traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda proved to be so popular in the present day context,” said Annpoorna Sehgal, Head Education, HT media Ltd, summing up her views on the event.

Lithuanian Ambassador Awards  Lithuania  Pupils for Learning Ayurveda

Lithuanian students with the Principal Mrs. Chanderlata Chauhan, Dr. Pratap Chauhan and Yogacharya Shri Harish Mohan
Lithuanian students with the Principal Mrs. Chanderlata Chauhan, Dr. Pratap Chauhan and Yogacharya Shri Harish Mohan.