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Notice For Parents-An invitation to join Jiva Parivar

                                                 Jiva Parivar                                                                                                Invites to Join                                                                                             India In Action

Mr. Rishipal Chauhan, President, Jiva Public School
Mr. Rishipal Chauhan, President, Jiva Public School

India is a land of dharma then why there is corruption?

India is the source of all knowledge then why is India a poor country?

India has a rich cultural heritage then why Indians think that their philosophy, language and culture is inferior to west?

To bring the change and find an answer to all questions JIVA is taking an initiative to make each individual citizen as well as the whole society progress spiritually and lead a peaceful and a happy life. It aims to build a healthy, wealthy, peace loving and fearless society by providing every individual-

  • aim of life
  • philosophy of life
  • value of life
  • style of life

Through daily Swadhyay, SOE, DKN, MI/MN and Ayur School program around.

This goal can never be achieved without the support of parents of Jivites. Together we can make the world around us beautiful and livable place for our coming generations. Therefore we invite dynamic parents who believe in Jiva initiative to joins us in our community program  

India in Action…..Towards healthy wealthy and peaceful society.

Interested parents can send their names to the respective class teacher by 14th December 2015. A meeting of all parents would be called to draft the future action plan.

RishiPal Chauhan                                                                                 President                                                                                                     Jiva Public School

Invitation To Join Jiva Parivar – Hindi

Installation Ceremony and Cultural Exchange Programme

The school hosted the First Installation Ceremony and Cultural Exchange Programme sponsored by Rotary Club, Faridabad Aastha on 20th October, 2015.The Rotary Club is well renowned organisation across the world, undertaking various projects like eradication of polio, for the welfare of mankind. It is a privilege for us that the students member of our School Interact Club have been selected as the members of Rotary Club.

The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp and thereafter a warm welcome extended by the Head Mistress senior wing, to all the dignitaries present and the Chief Guest DG. Rtn. Shri Sudhir Mangla. Besides them the DIR and the French Delegation also graced the occasion with their benign presence. The ‘Meet’ was declared open by the Interact Club President and The Rotary Club members were introduced formally and thereafter the elected Interact club members were enshouldered their responsibilities by the Chief Guest Rtn. Sudhir Mangla who honoured by pinning their respective designated badges, then the teacher incharge Mrs. Deepa Gaba administered them the oath. The President of the club Geetika Papreja provided an insight and brief outline of the club’s undertakings of meaningful service projects to expat understanding and future plans in collaboration with the Rotary Club. This was followed by a cultural program presenting Jiva’s Philosophy of SOE, DKN, Swadhyay and MN.

The Chief Guest addressing the students said that the students are the future of tomorrow and can help in building a better society by teaching the under privileged children. He appealed to support the down-trodden and uplift them.

The President Shri Rishipal Chauhan expressing his gratitude to the Chief Guest and the other dignitaries stated that Jiva believes in Vasudev Kutumbkam. In today’s world, the need of the hour is to interact frequently with different sections of society to develop a strong bond and make a better world. Serving humanity and interaction with the people will bring them closer and build a healthy-wealthy society where everyone can live in harmony and peace. The President assured that he would extent all support and required help to the club.

Free Health Campaign

                             Jiva Public School                                                          Worlds First Ayur School Presents

               “Improve Your Health”                                   Campaign for all Jivites & their families

 Avail the Free of Cost facility by downloading Body Type                     Test form.It is available on and          Please click on the link below for                                     downloading the form:-

Body Type Test_English

Body Type Test _ Hindi

Hurry up!

Take the test, improve your lifestyle and know the best diet                       for your health.

For more information on health keep checking this space                           for:-    

  1) Diet chart                                                                                                  2) Nature                                                                                                        3) Disorder

Please click the link below for a diet chart suitable to                                 each body type :-

Diet Chart

Notice Board


                                                      MN Success Story

News Paper Article about Sokhi

      “Sir simer sokhi here. I thank you, because of your test, i took up dancing and my parents agreed to and i can say i am living my dream. Learning from senior gurus meeting legendry dancers. 😀 thanks a lot sir. I am worlds second sikh bharatnatyam dancer. And if everything goes well soon will be worlds first sikh male kathak dancer. 🙂 as i am learning kathak also along with bharatnatyam and that from best people possible.was in chennai kalakshetra for bharatnatyam and recently shifted delhi to continue bharatnatayam and also continue kathak in guru shishya tradition.

Thanks alot sir. :)”                  ( Excerpts from a letter to Steven Rudolph)

Simer Sokhi Performance
Performance by Simer Sokhi

Simer Sokhi Performance