Teacher Development

     School has a unique and extensive Faculty Development Programme to support all teachers throughout the year for making teaching a wonderful,creative and innovative experience. The programme inculcates universal values, global skills and best teaching practices. It ensures that all teachers reach the Mark of Jiva Teachers.

The Mark of Jiva Teachers:-

  1. Focus on learning and teaching.
  2. Consider each learner as unique.
  3. Engender a love of learning among their students.
  4. Create environment that is conducive to learning.
  5. Build a sense of discipline among students.

Faculty Development Program for 2017-18 :-

  1. Induction Program
  2. Orientation Program
  3. Summer Workshop
  4. Examination Guidelines
  5. Winter Schedule
  6. Pedagogy in Action
  7. Workshop by Tata Edge, Teach Next etc.