Lesson Planning

       At Jiva, the focus is on learning, not on teaching. It is the teacher’s duty to ensure that learning takes place in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning—one which is friendly, non-threatening, full of activities, and provides opportunities for interaction and self-expression. Moreover, with a small student-teacher ratio, we ensure that each student gets enough attention and time from the teacher, which makes it easier to nurture his unique personality to the full. Teachers at Jiva realise that time is precious, and that they have a tremendous amount of responsibility in creating environments that are conducive to learning. For this reason, each teacher creates a lesson plan that clearly defines her learning objectives, activities, appropriate questions, examples, and home-school connection. The lesson plans help teachers make the most out of the contact time spent with students. Jiva’s teachers plan out various culminating activities that they perform at the end of each topic, which are connected to their subject objectives. These include conducting elections, excursions to local places of interest, exhibitions, interviews and surveys in the neighbourhood, etc.

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