Jiva Public School is affiliated to the Indian School of Secondary Education (ICSE) Board, India’s largest and most prestigious private board. The best schools across the country such as the Doon School, St Mary’s School, Welham’s, Don Bosco, Bishop Cotton and Rishi Valley are all affiliated to the ICSE. Not only that, ICSE schools have produced numerous celebrated personalities that include Amitabh Bachchan, Vikram Seth, the Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, Karan Thapar, Arundati Roy and Aroon Purie. Jiva chose the ICSE Board because of its high standards, strong emphasis on English skills, and its progressive approach toward education.

Reasons why the ICSE Board is our choice:

– The ICSE separates its Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) from the VIIth standard and Social Science subjects (History, Civics, Geography) from the VIth standard by when the student is in a better position to take the right decision.

– The Board offers the option of choosing the stream of study (Science or Commerce) right from class IX to focus on the specific interest of the student.

-The ICSE Board lays greater emphasis on the development and testing of the thinking skills and creativity of students.

-20 marks out of 100 are based on the skills of the students such as behaviour, interpersonal, creative thinking and decision making.

-Project work is given to the students from Class VI onwards and their marks are added to the Report Card.

-Its syllabus is well-structured, aims at all round education and prepares children for the competitive world.

-ICSE lays great emphasis on English language. Its English curriculum is far better than other boards with Shakespeare, Milton, Shaw, Tennyson and Shelley forming in intrinsic part.

-ICSE certification has a strong recognition abroad, which makes entry into colleges and Universities overseas much easier.

-ICSE only gives affiliation to schools that provide quality education.