The Jiva Story

The story of the birth of Jiva Public School goes back to 1983, when Rishi Pal Chauhan, an engineer from Faridabad, decided to make a difference in the community. He was distressed by the fact that although India was full of immense knowledge, resources and talent, it was still unable to realise its full potential. Once the citadel of learning, it was sadly plagued with problems related to energy, pollution, water and civic rights. He researched and studied the situation for years, finally coming to the conclusion that social transformation through education was the cure for all these maladies. Soon he set about developing a project that would help bring about greater social and economic growth to India.

He traveled to the United States and in 1989 met Steven Rudolph, an educationist who recognized India’s latent potential and the decisive role it was set to play in future global scene. Consequently, the duo returned to India in 1994 to establish the Jiva Public School as a model institution of learning that would combine the ancient wisdom of India with the technological advancement of the West. Jiva Public School is supported by these two strong and distinguished pillars—visionaries who took upon themselves the daunting task of bringing about a positive change in Indian society.

Since then, Jiva Public School has grown steadily to fulfill the dreams of its founders. Its dedicated faculty, staff, students and their families have all contributed to its success and walked hand-in-hand in this gratifying journey. Jiva Public School today is a genuine community of learning that we all feel fortunate and proud to be a part of.