A library is that unique place which contains the wealth of information and knowledge that we all hope to imbibe. It not only inculcates the healthy habit of reading early on in life but is also the breeding ground of professionals—academicians, scientists, engineers, doctors and so on—who steer the country into new vistas of success. At Jiva, we believe in encouraging independent thought and a thirst for knowledge. Jiva library is not just a place dumped with books but acts as a resource room for all readers and thinkers to explore and present their work:

-The library is organized according to ‘Universal Decimal Classification’, and there are separate racks to accommodate books classified according to Multiple Intelligences and Multiple Natures, as it is more logical and open ended.

-It houses more than 11,000 books, magazines, journals,newspapers and documents.

-The library has sections ranging from textbooks, reference books, biographies,  fiction and general knowledge.

-To make learning fun, there is an assortment of books and magazines available on general topics together with separate sections for hobby-related books, books on travel, short stories, drama, poetry, astrology and more.

-Students are encouraged to use the reading room facility, borrow books, read, maintain reading logs and do a number of MI-MN activities to create an interest in reading.

-We use the Online Issue Return System.

-Easy to access the books because of Library software and Cataloguing by scheme AACR-II

-Internet facility is available and utilized for getting information not readily available in the library.

Library is enriched with the stock of Ayurveda, Jiva Publications and Education Books.

-The library has its own team of students who contribute in organizing events like book fairs, celebrating literary days and decorating the place.

-Students donate books to the library on their birthday.