At Jiva, your child is at the center of all learning activity and has access to resources through which skills are easy to learn. The small teacher student ratio of 25:1 ensures greater attention, effective communication, and dynamic exchange of ideas and opinions. The focus is on learning, and not on teaching. It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure that learning takes place in a conducive atmosphere that is friendly, non-threatening, full of activities and provides opportunities for interaction and self-expression. JPS has a vibrant, talented and experienced assortment of teachers to enhance the learning experience. We are proud of our entire faculties who work closely with the children to help them realize their full potential. Here is the list of gems of our institution:

Director   Ms. Chander Lata Chauhan
Administrator   Ms. Mukta Sachdeva
Principal   Ms. Aparna Sharma
IT Head   Ms. Jyoti Ratra
Senior Section   Ms. Kumkum Chauhan
  Ms. Monika Sharma
Primary Section   Ms. Sushila Chauhan
Primary Incharge   Ms. Anita Nair
  Ms. Madhu Dhawan
  Ms. Amita Arora
Pre-Primary Section   Ms. Sneh Goswami
Tata Edge Coordinator   Ms. Priya Trivedi
School Librarian    Ms. Neetu Sharma
  Ms. Poonam Chauhan


Senior Teachers 
S.No. Teachers
1 Ms. Veena Kapoor
2 Ms. Sonal Kulshreshta
3 Ms. Poonam Sharma
4 Ms. Aarti Bhagat
5 Ms.Dimple Gosain
6 Ms. Ridhima Sharma
7 Ms. Taruna
8 Ms. Sonali
9 Ms. Surbhi Mishra
10 Ms. Pubaly Deb
11 Ms. Shankey Sehgal
12 Ms. Kavita Devi
13 Mr. Dennis
14 Ms. Poonam Chauhan
15 Ms. Manju
16 Ms. Usha Saxena
17 Ms. Meenu Verma
18 Mr. Sagar
19 Mr. Vishal Bisht
20 Ms. Anjali Marwah
21 Ms. Jaya Pal
22 Ms. Vijayanti
23 Ms. Deepa Gaba
24 Ms. Ritu Thareja
25 Mr. Rupesh
26 Ms. Gurvinder Kaur
27 Mr. Rashmi Bhatia
28 Ms. Namita Bisht
29 Mr. Toms Thomas
30 Ms. Itishree
31 Ms. Meenal
32 Ms. Sheetal Narain
33 Ms. Geeta
34 Mr. Jitender
35 Mr. Naresh